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My Dear Friend,

I welcome you in your new family called Vowel. This family finds it's value in equal opportunity for all and equal rules. This paves the path for healthy and sustainable progress for each family members. There are no geographical boundaries for a performer. A committed team player can rule the world, practically in our business model.

We, at Vowel India, believe in sharing of goals and success, we help each other and draw strength from each other. This gives us power to think big and exert more to work for entire Vowel family not a single person or group. We are committed to work as a team and seek your support and commitment too in the same goal of making life wealthier, happier and full of new success horizons.

Vowel India is a chance to fasten your success journey on money, health and family front. We support each member to hone his skills, explore his potential and ensure availability of innovative and attractive products that are liked by family as a whole.

I, as head of family, welcome you again to the family and wish you all the success in this business. This is a business of commitment, the more committed you are, the more successful your story will be.

Managing Director

Sushant Srivastava

Vowel India Marketing Limited

Dear Friends,

it's my privilege to welcome you all to Vowel Family. I am pleased that you have chosen to accept our offer and hope this is long & fruitful beginning of a mutually beneficial association.

" The growth and expansion of an organization can be easily judged by its locality and quality of work. Our bussiness model is based on a strong culture of guiding principales, include team work , responsibility and respect for all."

As a Managing Director for the organization, I am looking forward the new challenges and opportunities that will make Vowel India a recognizable name among direct marketing organizations. We are looking forward for talented, innovative and independent team members to join our company, those who are willing to take new responsibilities and challenges. We can offer proper training, education and exchange of ideas with our team to ensure every team member reaches his/her highest potential.

We believe having trained & successful team member will be beneficial to our clients and set new standard in our industry.
We hope you will enjoy being working with us as we take pride in having you ....

Managing Director

Neeraj Srivastava

Vowel India Marketing Limited
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